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Updated: Dec 22, 2021

EVC’s Summer Youth Documentary Workshop producers premiered four new short documentaries this month at Long Island University’s Brooklyn campus. For more information, contact Christine Mendoza for more information on how to access these compelling new works:


Gentrification in Bed-stuy, RT: 3:30 Told through the eyes of one 15 year old, Apphia, Gentrification in Bed Stuy explores how she has seen her neighborhood change over the years for the good, and the not so good.

Youth Producers: Apphia Harrison, 15yo Reggie Debrah, 16yo Navdeep Bains, 15yo Tasmin Rahman, 18yo

Final Curtain Call, RT: 3:30 From 2007-2010, performing arts funding has decrease by 7.2 million dollars in NYC public schools and continues to decrease. Keenan is a high school student attending Manhattan Theater Lab. This dreams to become an actor, he is concerned that he will not be successful because beginning this September, the Arts has been completely phased out of his school.

Youth Producers: Lucas Fenton, 15yo Keenan Charles, 15yo Jarleeyn Severino, 16yo

Stop Harassing Me, RT: 2:00 Stop Harassing Me was produced by three young women who participated in EVC’S summer Youth Documentary Workshop. This documentary captures a startling glimpse of what it is like to be harassed on the street as a 15 year old in NYC. This documentary aims to bring awareness to an issue that has historically been ignored.

Youth Producers: Taylor Walker, 15yo

Jahvonni McQuillar, 15yo Chassidy Griffin, 18yo

Electronic Coping, RT: 3:30 Description: Electronic Coping, produced by EVC’s 2013 summer interns, highlights the story of one 14-year-old boys compulsive cell phone use. He explores how this self-described addiction began as a coping mechanism after he experienced a traumatic car accident.

Youth Producers: Jovan Griffith, 15yo Shanda Mathews, 18yo Kalim Abdullah, 18yo


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