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Ingrid Romero



Ingrid Romero is an educator, organizer, and artist, born and raised in NYC/Lenapehoking with deep roots in the Andes of Colombia. Ingrid has been working with EVC since 2019 and loves the community found within the young people and fellow staff members. They are an alum of City-As School and owe their upbringing to local community and cultural organizing.



Ingrid Romero es une educadore, organizadore y artiste nacide y criade en NYC/Lenapehoking con profundas raíces en los Andes de Colombia. Ingrid ha estado trabajando con EVC desde 2019 y ama la comunidad formada entre los jóvenes y sus compañeros de trabajo. Son alumnos de City-As School y deben su educación a la comunidad local y la organización cultural.

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