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Mary Grueser


Deputy Director, Programs

Mary Grueser is the Deputy Director of Programs. Prior to becoming Deputy Director, Mary served as Director of Professional Development Programs and the We are All Connected urban-rural exchange program at EVC. Mary is an educator, facilitator, and media maker centered in the intersecting areas of youth media, critical pedagogy, documentary filmmaking, and media literacy. She holds an M.A. in International Affairs with a concentration in Media and Human Rights from The New School. Her professional experience includes serving as a facilitator for the Sustainable Development and Social Justice in Central America program with Augsburg College's Center for Global Education, leading collaborative youth media workshops in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and working as a public high school Spanish teacher in rural Central Appalachia. Mary says, “what I love about working at EVC is deeply collaborating with inspiring youth, educators, and changemakers.”

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