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Yhenni Rodriguez


EVC Films: Family Portrait: Growing up With Divorce and Parental Separation (2017), The Queer Survival Guide (2018), Colors of Health: Understanding Unequal Care in New York City (2018), Can You See Me Now (2018), Something in Our Water (2019).

Yhenni (Yhennisa) is a 24 year old Bronx native. She started in EVC with her first YDW (Youth Documentary Workshop) with the cohort of 2017 with their film “Family Portrait”. Yhenni then went on to create 4 more films with the EVC before finally continuing in her path. Since then, she has attended Bronx Community College’s Film Production Training, and is currently the office manager at a holistic medicine practice. She continues to work on photography and videography with her fiancé for fun and as a side gig!

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