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Racial profiling of African-Americans by police is a recurring problem in our society. Our documentary film shows two main characters, Demitrius and Niaja, who experienced racial profiling as young teenagers. We explore whether the recruitment of cops of color can change a culture of racial profiling. Does racism inside the NYPD affect how cops of color treat African-Americans? What obstacles do African-Americans face when becoming cops? Furthermore, what does it mean to create change from inside vs. outside a system?


Cops Are(n't) Colorblind

  • Film Info

    Year: 2020  

    Run time: 23:05

  • Film Festivals

    • NYC Public School Film Festival 2020
    • Newark IFF Youth Film Festival 2020
    • BHERC Youth Diversity Film Festival, Los Angeles, 2021 
    • DIYDS! Film Festival, Cambridge, MA, 2021
    • Maysles Center Youth Film Festival, 2021
    • CineTeen Film Festival, San Diego, CA, 2021 
    • San Francisco Social and Economic Justice Film Festival, September 2021
    • Miami 4 Social Change Youth Film Festival, Miami, July 2021 
    • Winter Film Awards, NYC, September 2021
    • The American Youth Film Festival, Atlanta, GA, July-Aug 2021 
    • ChangeFest Film Festival, Chicago, September - November 2021
    • All American HS Film Festival, NYC, October 2021 (Nominee: Best Documentary) 
    • Bronx Social Justice Matters Film Festival, NYC, October 2021
    • Reel 2 Reel Student Film Festival, Burlington, NC, October 2021


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