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EVC Youth Producers explore how our societal addiction to social media and our smartphones has reshaped our social landscape. As we become increasingly connected digitally we are also becoming more disconnected in the real world. What are we losing? We follow two EVC youth producers who were born outside of the United States and grew up for the majority of their childhood and adolescence without cell phones and social media. Ky, born and raised in rural Vietnam, struggles with the affect that sudden exposure to smart phones and social media has had on her relationship to her little brother. Samba, born and raised in Senegal, explores the ways in which immigrating to the United States at the age of 17 has informed his addiction to social media. This film explores the roots of our societal smartphone addiction and seeks a solution to finding a more balanced relationship to our devices.

In Our Hands and On Our Minds

  • Film Info

    Year:            2016

    Run Time: 20:03


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