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Our young people are the beating heart of Educational Video Center. But who are they really? 


The majority of young people at EVC are Black and Brown. Most are in high-school. Many are living the realities of deep-rooted systemic injustice. Several are “under-credited” – in that their education outside of school has not translated into academic credits. But many of our young people are also “under-credited” because they have not received credit for their resilience, their hard work, their abilities, and achievements.  Evidently, “under-credited” can mean different things. 

At EVC, we recognize that language is powerful. Problematic. And constantly evolving.  So, we are committed to regular conversations with our young people to discuss and (re)define how they want to be described. This is a work in process.

Rather than label our young people in categories, we see each young person as an individual, with complex intersecting identities, experiences, and connections to different communities. Each young person has their own story: their own journey to – and beyond – EVC. We seek to hold and honor all of this. 

And we invite you to join us in doing so. What labels do you embrace? What do you reject and why? Tell us how you would like to be seen, described, known.


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