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Born & Raised: St. Lucia and The Bronx

First EVC Project: At One Time of Another: How Teens Grieve (Youth Doc Workshop, Fall 1999)

Current Occupation: Professional Camera Assistant for Film & TV

Major: BFA Magna Cum Laude in Media & Communication Arts, City College, 2009

  • Tough on Crime, Tough on our Kind, 2001 

  • At One Time or Another: How Teens Grieve, 1999

Kellon's Story

Born in St. Lucia, Kellon moved to the Bronx when he was 9 years old. Prior to discovering EVC, he had been making home videos with friends outside school, but he was mostly acting—he didn’t know the technical side and had never thought about filmmaking as a career. A high school internship brought him to EVC in 1999, and after completing his first semester of EVC’s Youth Doc Workshop, Kellon was hooked. He returned to EVC for its then advanced program, YO-TV. Finding a home, his passion, and his voice at EVC, Kellon went on to become EVC’s part-time equipment manager, as well as an assistant educator for Youth Doc Workshop and YO-TV, while also developing his production skills on short freelance projects through YO-TV’s pre-professional training opportunities. In 2004, he enrolled in the Media and Communications program at City College. During his college education, he continued his work at EVC, inspiring other young people to love learning and make their voices heard.


After graduating from City College, Kellon became an active member of Local 600, the International Cinematographers Guild. He works regularly as a cameraman on award-winning films and TV shows, such as The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Last O.G., and BlacKkKlansman. 


Favorite EVC Project:

"The first one. It was the first time I was consciously being creative. Before I just did what I was told. The teacher, Joan, asked us what we thought about things. That was the first time that my opinion was valued. Normally I wouldn’t say anything but here I was being asked to speak up. I never had that happen before."

Proudest Youth Media Moments:

"The YO-TV screening of Tough on Crime, Tough on Our Kind made me proud. It was at Lincoln Center and seeing all of those people watching our work was amazing. We had four screenings and each one was packed. I felt like people thought we were experts. We had just finished our documentary but people asked us really deep questions. I see that at EVC screenings even now. I also feel proud of my students at EVC. I remember one student who was classified as having a learning disability but at EVC he seemed always ready to learn more. He was excited by learning and proud about his work there and that made me feel proud."

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