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A Letter From Our Executive Director Regarding COVID-19

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Dear EVC Community,

In the face of the unprecedented crisis caused by COVID-19 in our communities, EVC’s goal is to continue to support the young people and families that we work with as we have over the last three decades.

In accordance with the decision to close NYC public schools until at least April 20th and transition to web based learning, EVC staff are now working remotely. We are in the process of converting our workshops to an online learning experience for our students to provide minimal disruption to our programming. We are taking sensible precautions aligned with the recommendations of the NYC Department of Health, NYC Department of Education, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) including social distancing and will continue providing updates on our programs as necessary.

More than ever, New York City’s most vulnerable students need our support. Our staff will remain connected to our students and their families and provide support, resources, and referrals. COVID-19 will most affect those already struggling with deep systemic inequities. EVC will do everything in our power to advocate for our students, connect them to government and community based resources.

Now is a time for distance, not isolation. To survive this crisis we need to find ways to connect to each other and support vulnerable young people. EVC has always taught students to loudly advocate for themselves and their communities and we will continue that work.

As the realities of an extended period of social distancing sets in, I’m drawn to a reflection EVC Youth Producer Mikey wrote at the end of last semester:

“[EVC’s] whole process impacted me personally by doing [what] I feel like most people wouldn’t have the courage to do. I stepped up to take on something out of the normal for me and to have faith and confidence in myself in what I want to do and achieve as a person. It made me reflect on myself how I should present myself and talk to others.”

For 35 years we’ve been taking inspiration from our youth producers on how to step up and be present for others, and now is no exception. Let’s be like Mikey, and find courage and confidence within ourselves. This is a time to boldly face an uncertain future with the voices and stories of youth leading the way.

In Solidarity,

Ambreen Qureshi Executive Director


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