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A Message from Steve Goodman

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Dear Friends,

I have been the founding executive director of the Educational Video Center for close to 35 years. This role has been the greatest honor of my life. It is, therefore, with great pride and confidence that I announce my plans to transition from my role at EVC in early 2018 and to hand the reins over to someone else to lead the organization into the future.

It is a good time to make this change. After more than three decades of continuous growth and evolution, through many successes and some of the most challenging times our nation has ever faced, EVC is strong, relevant, and continues to be one of the most innovative organizations of its kind.

EVC’s resilience can be measured in the many opportunities there are for expanding and deepening our work. Our programs have both the experience and the nimbleness to respond to changing needs in our communities. And speaking of community, ours is large, diverse, and dedicated—from staff and partners to the thousands of youth and teachers who have flourished through EVC. It has been my privilege to witness three generations of EVC youth grow and thrive in our programs and to see many of them find their passion and their footing at EVC and go on to become successful media professionals, educators, and community activists.

Another measure of EVC’s strength is our engaged, resourceful, and committed board of directors. For months now board members have been working with staff and EVC’s longtime community stakeholders to ensure that the organization uses this transition as an opportunity to gauge the current landscape and position the organization well for the future.

I hope that you will help spread the word and participate in ensuring that we find the best person we can: a visionary leader who is dedicated to youth development, filmmaking and arts education, transformational educational spaces, and social justice, and who can identify the resources and partnerships necessary to help EVC continue to grow.

I am so very grateful to have been a part of the Educational Video Center’s good work and to be a member of this powerful community. I look forward to seeing what the next chapter brings and give my full support to the new leadership, as EVC continues to serve and develop the youth of our city.

Sincerely yours,

Steve Goodman Executive Director



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