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Contribute to EVC this Spring!

Updated: Dec 23, 2021


“The experience at EVC helped my son Efrain be on target, and on time.  It took that lackadaisical teenage attitude right out of him because appointments were appointments– and now it was real.” — Edna Torres, mother of EVC alumnus who is now in college

“EVC stays true to the integrity of the word ‘community’ and motivates us to take ownership of our schools, our homes, our streets.” — Maria Fernandez, Director, Sistas & Brothas United

For 27 years, EVC has been a leader of youth media teaching young people to make documentaries that tell powerful stories about the most pressing issues in their homes, schools, and communities throughout New York City. The experience is deeply transformative for our students & mdash; building their skills and self-confidence, and opening new possibilities for them to graduate, and pursue college and a career.

This spring, our youth took their cameras to investigate social problems too often overlooked by the mainstream news. One team documented the struggles of families trying to save their homes from foreclosure, including the family of one of our students. The other team reported on the impact of war on young people and their families. We hope you will join us at the premiere screening of these documentaries on June 20th at HBO Screening Room (Invitation to follow shortly). 

Schools all over New York City are asking for EVC’s program for their students, but cuts in school budgets and private funding are making it increasingly difficult for us to keep up with this demand.

Please help us give these opportunities to as many young people as we can by giving generously this spring. 

EVC’s impact reverberates throughout the community when millions of viewers see our student-produced documentaries on television, in schools, film festivals, and streamed online. We are proud that EVC alumni voices continue to be heard working in leading media companies including Bloomberg News, CNBC, PBS’s POV program, Manhattan Neighborhood Network, the History Channel, NHL-TV, the Hispanic International TV Network, and Nickelodeon, to name a few.

Please support EVC’s next generation of media artists and journalists.

Click here to make a secure online donation with your credit card. Or send a check, payable to the Educational Video Center, Inc., 120 West 30th Street, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10001.

Thank you and warm wishes for a joyous spring from all of us at EVC!


Steve Goodman Executive Director

P.S. Individuals contributing $250 or more will be invited to visit a workshop and see our youth producers in action this coming fall!

Please consider increasing your gift by <u>adding 50% to the amount of your last donation and help us to support as many young artists and community leaders as we can in these tough times.


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