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Updated: Dec 23, 2021

April is Alcohol Awareness Month and EVC has been invited to join the Partnership for a Healthier New York City to raise awareness about Underage and Excessive Alcohol Use. This year, EVC premiered UNDER 21: WHY WE DRINK – a look at how NYC youth get access to alcohol, why they drink, and the potential consequences. A collaboration with the Manhattan Coalition at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, the video will be screened as part of Alcohol Awareness Month events citywide, including next week’s “Uncovering Alcohol’s Hidden Harms” program at Macaulay Honors College on Wed, 4/10 at 4:30pm.

As an official Neighborhood Contractor, EVC will be partnering with schools and community groups in Brooklyn to focus on environmental change and help realize the Partnership’s goal to “make healthy living easier, safer and more affordable for everyone – no matter who you are or where you live.”

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