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EVC Corporate Screenings

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Seeking innovative and engaging ways to discuss systemic racism with your employees? Want to learn from young people most impacted by structural violence?

EVC works with Corporations, including their Diversity and Inclusion Departments and Employee Resource Groups, to organize virtual screenings of short documentary films produced by NYC high school students about systemic racism and other structural injustices. Our award winning archive of over 200 youth produced films explore topics such as police brutality, inequity in healthcare, environmental racism, unequal education, gentrification, mental health struggles,  LGBTO+ discrimination and more.

Twenty minute screenings are followed by discussions that can be customized for each Corporation for any format, length of time, or number of participants. Screenings can be single events or curated as an ongoing series. EVC youth filmmakers, staff and others involved in the creation of these documentaries can be available for the O&A and discussions following each screening.


Cops Are(n’t) Colorblind: Changing the NYPD from the Inside and Out This film follows EVC student Demitrius’ experiences of being targeted by the NYPD and how it made him curious about black history and the roots of racial profiling.

The Queer Survival Guide This film examines how LGBTO+ youth can find communities safe from harassment and discrimination.

The Colors of Health: Understanding Unequal Care in New York City This film investigates the structural conditions and racial biases that lead to inferior medical care for people of color to understand why they are disproportionately sicker.

For more information contact Sarah Nylund, Development Manager, at 212-465-9366 or


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