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EVC Docs Featured in Green Unplugged Film Festival

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

About the Festival:

Culture Unplugged Studios launches ‘Green Unplugged’ – the festival where we unite to share our voices, not only as film-makers but culture-makers. The festival facilitates contemplation, connection & celebration of life, culture & nature through cinema. They feature green & socially conscious films that bring to light nature’s demand to wake us to our future – an integrated individual and the human society. Stories are shared that reveal where we come from, our collective journey leading to our present and contemplating the path beyond.

With this, Culture Unplugged wishes to create a global community of conscious creatives and their audiences, to reflect on issues and life experiences in contemporary world – creatives/storytellers wishing to express and exchange primarily through language of film (visual/aural communication), framing the spirit in motion.


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