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EVC in Focus, Vol 1 Issue 2

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

PDF File:

This issue of the EVC in Focus Newsletter includes:

Notes From Steve: Community Engagement and Education, an article by EVC Founder and Executive Director Steve Goodman

Youth in Focus: An interview with Tidiane Balde, one of six YO-TV students who producedJourney Through the Red White and Blue,” a documentary about the 2008 election

Events: Upcoming EVC Summer 2008 screenings and events

EVC Store: Watch an excerpt from It’s Not About Sex, an EVC documentary on the prevalence of sexual assault in our society

Happening at EVC: Join EVC for the premiere screening of this year’s YO-TV documentaryJourney Through the Red White and Blue, an exploration of this historic election from the perspective of three young people who ask “What is the value of my vote?”


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