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EVC is Hiring: Deputy Director, Programs

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

The Educational Video Center is seeking an exceptional Deputy Director, Programs to support all programs. The Educational Video Center ( is an award-winning non-profit youth media organization dedicated to teaching documentary video as a means to develop the artistic, critical literacy, and career skills of young people, while nurturing their idealism and commitment to social change.

This is a full time position supporting EVC’s program directors and instructors through program goal setting and evaluation, financial oversight, and grant and contract compliance, coordination of program communications and marketing, as well as classroom observation, review of lesson plans and staff professional development. The Deputy Director, Programs will work under the supervision of the EVC Executive Director and will oversee universal administrative and pedagogical aspects of EVC’s programming which includes Youth Doc Workshops (YDW), New Media Arts (NMA) and Professional Development Programs (PDP).


Program Management and Outreach

  1. Work with program directors to co-develop program and pedagogic goals, and benchmarks for evaluating them.

  2. Provide oversight of program grants, progress reports, budgets, accounts receivables and contract compliances.

  3. Coordinate with program directors to set program calendars and ensure programs meet benchmarks and production deadlines and program outcomes.

  4. Provide oversight of student recruitment, retention, and finding supplemental supports for students as needed in collaboration with program directors.

  5. Develop and lead career development initiatives for students and alumni including cultivating relationships for internship placements and managing internship placement process.

  6. Create and manage an alumni relations communication system for continuous stewardship and cultivation.

  7. Coordinate program marketing, communications to stakeholders, and oversight of film festival outreach, distribution opportunities, and sales of documentaries.

  8. Cultivate creative strategies for film distributions including but not limited to film festivals and community based screenings for public awareness, advocacy and systems change work;  develop means of measuring the reach of each film.

Pedagogy and Curriculum Support

  1. Support program directors in intentional pedagogic approaches and curriculum development (grounded in latest evidence-based youth media and critical media literacy, ensuring DOE alignment, and sharing new trends in curriculum/learning landscape).

  2. Support staff to align Youth Powered Video (YPV) curriculum with EVC logic models, strategic plans, rubrics and Philosophy of Practice.

  3. Work with program directors to set instructional goals and to review lesson plans for YDW, NMA instructors and PDP coaches based on YPV curriculum.

  4. Work with program directors to conduct regular site visits observing workshops facilitated by EVC instructional staff implementing EVC’s methodology.

  5. Work with program directors to prepare discussion guides for each film in preparation for distribution.

Program Staff Support and Professional Development 

  1. Provide day-to-day supervision of program staff and report to the Executive Director.

  2. Work under the supervision of EVC Executive Director.

  3. Fill in for program/instructional staff as needed in event of absence or transition

  4. Support Human Resources for program staff including onboarding and orientation, employee paperwork, benefits administration, timesheets, pay-time off, medical leave.

  5. Collect and review evidence with staff of their accomplishments meeting goals.

  6. Support staff in coordinating culminating screening/launch events.

  7. Foster proactive learning community among staff members and key program stakeholders to encourage best practices, interdepartmental collaboration and continuous program improvement.

  8. Foster internal and external strategic professional development opportunities for staff (including but not limited to study groups, literature review, retreats, trainings, conferences etc.)

  9. In collaboration with the Executive Director, cultivate opportunities for authoring publications and presenting work at conferences.


This position requires current knowledge of political, cultural, technical and educational practices and literature relevant to EVC programs with a focus on youth development and student-centered inquiry-based learning, culturally relevant pedagogy, critical pedagogy, equity and social justice. This position will report to and be evaluated by the Executive Director.

Education and Experience

  1. Masters Degree or higher, from an accredited college or university; Critical Pedagogy degree preferred

  2. At least 2 years experience in staff and program management

  3. At least 3 years experience teaching a diverse student population in schools and a passion for youth development

  4. Comprehensive understanding of budget development and grant management

  5. Experience delivering professional development to teachers including instructional scaffolding, differentiated learning, project based learning, restorative justice and ELL teaching

  6. Strong instructional and classroom management skills

  7. Experience writing unit plans and lessons plans using backwards planning

  8. Strong facilitation skills and experience with learner-centered, project-based learning

  9. Understanding of and proven track record employing principles of positive youth development

  10. Ability to multi-task and attend to details while keeping an eye on the big picture

  11. Experience with and respect for protocols

  12. Familiarity with student-led portfolio assessments and assessing student work

  13. Familiarity with documentary production and youth media

  14. Excellent interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills

Culture and Values

  1. Demonstrates commitment to EVC’s educational philosophy rooted in Frierian and Popular education

  2. Establishes and leads a culture that results in a love of learning, student agency, and full range of student learning and growth

  3. Operates in an assets-based framework for working with youth, adults and families from diverse cultural backgrounds

  4. Has an anti-racism and social justice lens, and an ability to talk fearlessly about race, class, gender, sexuality, migration, ability, and structural injustices

  5. Creates and sustains a race equity culture, including skill building and leading self and others through awareness, growth, and development towards a more just and equitable world

  6. Deeply committed to supporting youth, staff, and other stakeholders to adopt humanizing, healing-centered restorative practices

  7. Demonstrates self-awareness, an accurate idea of one’s own strengths and weaknesses, and an ability to treat all stakeholders with respect

  8. Flexibility, resourcefulness and a sense of humor

To Apply: Please submit your resume and a thoughtful cover letter detailing how your experiences match the responsibilities of the position to Please include the title of the position in the subject line.


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