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EVC Presents Docs & Dialogue

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

EVC Presents: Docs & Dialogues, a youth-produced virtual documentary screening series led by EVC’s young people whose lives and communities are impacted by systemic inequities. These individuals will share their stories about the world as they see it – with all its problems and possibilities. 

For our first monthly screening we will be watching the 2020 documentary Cops Are(n’t) Colorblind: Changing the NYPD From Inside and Out with the Youth Producers who made it. This timely film explores the contradictions of being a Black NYPD officer, and questions whether the institution can be changed from within. Hosted by Christine Mendoza, EVC alumni and Board Member and youth filmmaker!

The series is free and open to the public. Please consider donating to support young people changing the world one documentary at a time! There will be additional opportunities to support EVC at the event.

About EVC Presents: Docs & Dialogues: Join us on the last Thursday of every month for a youth-produced documentary screening and discussion led by young people impacted by systems of oppression in our society. 

Cops Are(n’t) Color Blind Trailer:

Get your tickets here:


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