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EVC Presents Docs & Dialogue: Black History Month

Youth filmmakers look at how African American civil rights have progressed and regressed since the time of the civil rights movement.

About this event On February 24, EVC’s Docs & Dialogue series presents an online screening of the 1986 youth-produced documentary Black History Month -- A Chance to Reflect. EVC’s young people examine the reasons that Black people’s contributions to US history have so often been downplayed by dominant discourses on American society. The film highlights the importance of understanding Black history as an integral element of US history, looking at Black thought, activism, and accomplishments as fundamental contributions to the world we live in today. Youth look at the ways that the cause of African American civil rights has both progressed and regressed since the time of the civil rights movement, and make an impassioned call for a history that truly represents all of society. After the film, there will be a community dialogue with youth filmmakers and guest speakers. Hosted by EVC alumni Raelene Holmes and Cirilo Ordonez, with guests including public historian Cynthia Copeland, filmmaker Ayanna Saulsberry, and Ambreen Qureshi, Executive Director of EVC. The event will be recorded. The series is free and open to the public. Please consider donating to support young people changing the world one documentary at a time! About EVC Presents: Docs & Dialogue: EVC Presents: Docs & Dialogue is a bi-monthly youth-produced virtual documentary screening and dialogue series led by EVC’s young people whose lives and communities are impacted by systemic inequities. These individuals share their stories about the world as they see it - with all its problems and possibilities. About Educational Video Center: Founded in 1984, the Educational Video Center (EVC) is a youth media organization that teaches documentary filmmaking as a means to develop artistic, critical literacy, and career skills of underserved young people, while nurturing their idealism and commitment to social change. EVC envisions a just and equitable world created by young people and the power of their stories.


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