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EVC Presents: Docs & Dialogue – Journeys Through the Red, White & Blue

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Join us for a critical screening of a youth-produced documentary around voting rights, followed by engaging community dialogue.

This special edition of Docs & Dialogue we’ll be watching the 2008 documentary Journey’s Through the Red, White and Blue with the youth producers who made the film. This documentary explores the legacy of African American voting rights, immigrant participation, and the importance of “the youth vote.” As the November elections are fast approaching we urge everyone to register to vote.

Hosted by Raelene Holmes, EVC alum and Teaching Assistant, Christine Mendoza, EVC alum and Ambreen Qureshi, Executive Director of EVC.

The series is free and open to the public. Please consider donating to support young people changing the world one documentary at a time!

About EVC Presents: Docs & Dialogues:

EVC Presents: Docs & Dialogues is a monthly youth-produced virtual documentary screening and dialogue series led by EVC’s young people whose lives and communities are impacted by systemic inequities. These individuals share their stories about the world as they see it – with all its problems and possibilities.

Join us on the last Thursday of every month for a youth-produced documentary screening and discussion led by young people impacted by systems of oppression in our society.

About Educational Video Center:

Founded in 1984, the Educational Video Center (EVC) is a youth media organization that teaches documentary filmmaking as a means to develop artistic, critical literacy, and career skills of underserved young people, while nurturing their idealism and commitment to social change. EVC’s vision is a society free from structural inequity where all young people are able to reach their full potential and affect real and lasting change in their communities and the world.


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