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Happy Holidays from EVC!

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

As the Educational Video Center celebrates its 30th year, we could not be prouder of all our youth producers have accomplished over these past three decades. Through our workshops and ongoing support, they’ve learned to tell powerful stories and make their voices heard on the most pressing issues in their lives.

This year alone, they’ve created documentaries on tough topics such as youth depression, prescription drug abuse, and street harassment of girls; created an interactive website remixing an EVC documentary on Black/Jewish conflict in Crown Heights, Brooklyn; and they’ve won festival awards and media fellowships. Right now, our students are in the final stages editing two films — one investigating equity and college access, and the other on the self-objectification of young women.

None of this would have possible without all the generous support you’ve given us in the past. With your continued support, EVC can help students who are struggling to graduate high school to develop critical 21st century media skills, and take action to make a difference in their communities. <b>Please include a generous donation to EVC in your year-end giving and help us reach our December fundraising goal of $6,000. Each dollar you give contributes to the education of a future EVC youth producer.


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