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It’s Here! EVC Has Launched A New Website

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Happy Fall! As we begin another exciting school year at EVC, we are delighted to share our new website, where you’ll find our upcoming events, new film releases, and success stories from EVC graduates. Our new features include:

  1. A Homepage slider of video testimonials highlighting the life changing impact we’ve had on our youth participants and the inspiring paths they’ve taken since graduating from EVC.

  2. A Special Projects page featuring the EVC documentary “Unequal Education Revisited” and video interviews with internationally renowned education scholars and reformers including Maxine Greene, Deborah Meier, Pedro Noguera, and Norm Fruchter.

  3. An updated Web store featuring our library of award-winning youth-produced films on gender, mental health, human rights, and more – an invaluable resource for K-12 and university teachers, counselors, and librarians.

  4. An Impact page spotlighting our achievements, awards, and graduates over the past thirty years.

While we are looking back at EVC’s legacy, we are also looking forward to the important changes this next generation of EVC youth will make in the world. With new beginnings, we wish you a rewarding and productive school year. We hope you’ll visit our site regularly and stay in touch with us throughout the year.

To support EVC and its mission with a secure, tax-deductible donation, please click here.


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