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“Journeys Through the Red, White & Blue” Brings Youth to the Polls

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

The new EVC documentary on youth voter participation, Journeys Through the Red, White & Blue is being used for youth voter participation targeting first time voters. Watch the trailer here. Watch the whole documentaryhere.

The youth producers are eager to continue their activism by showing this film to as many youth as possible. In New York City, they are happy to screen the video in your space, engage the audience in dialogue around youth voter participation, and brainstorm together what youth can do to make a difference in November’s election. Outside of New York City, we have come up with a Take Action campaign that can help start conversations about youth voter participation and activism after watching the film.

You can download and pass along the Press Release.

Also check out the Take Action Campaign!

If you are interested in a FREE copy of this documentary, contact Sheila for more details: or 212.465.9366 x15.


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