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Now Accepting Applications for Basic & Advanced Youth Doc Workshop – Spring 2013

Updated: Dec 23, 2021


Youth Documentary Workshop is a 15-week internship program, which starts February 11 and runs Mon-Thurs 2pm – 5pm. Interviews will be held during the week of February 4, 2013; apply today and find out how you can: • Study film produced by professionals and youth filmmakers • Experience shooting video in different documentary styles • Learn about audio recording and lighting • Learn editing techniques • Examine social issues • Collaborate with other youth producers

Basic Youth Documentary Workshop is open to students of all levels of experience. For more information on Basic Youth Doc Workshop (BYDW), contact Tanya Jackson at or 212.465.9366×16.

Advanced Youth Documentary Workshop is only offered during the spring semester; read eligibility requirements below. For more information on Advanced Youth Doc Workshop (AYDW), contact Christine L. Mendoza at or 212.465.9366×25.

You are eligible for Advanced Doc Workshop if you are a HS Student and:

  • You have taken EVC’s Basic YDW;

  • You have taken another media class at school or in an after-school program;

  • You have had another internship involving media production; or

You have strong skills in one of the following areas:

  • Camera work

  • Audio production

  • Music production

  • Video editing

  • Photography

  • Interviewing o Research

  • Web-based media (i.e. HTML, Flash)


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