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All That I Can Be



All That I Can Be follows the stories of William, Dorian and Shinel as they embark on separate journeys with the U.S. Army. At once an intimate portrait and an exploration of the promises and realities of the military in post-9/11 America, this award-winning documentary reveals the lives of young people making their way in a society in which joining the military seems to be their best or only option. Download the film’s study guide (PDF file)



All That I Can Be

  • Film Info

    Year: 2004

    Run Time: 22:08

  • Film Festivals

    • Interviews shot by YOTV students included in Eugene Jarecki’s Why We Fight, grand-jury award winner at this year’s Sundance International Film Festival, February 2005
    • 1st Annual Media That Matters Film Festival, Economic Justice Award
    • Shortie Awards Video & Animation Competition, Certificate of Excellence, 2005


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