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EVC students visit a park in New York City's infamous "Hell's Kitchen" neighborhood to interview crack addicts caught in a vicious cycle of addition and crime. Often chilling in its candor, this program is a compelling portrait of life on the city streets.    

Crack Clouds Over Hell's Kitchen

  • Film Info

    Year: 1988

    Run Time: 17:39

  • Film Festivals

    • Project 6 Awards, High School Programs, 1st Place, 1998 
    • JVC Tokyo Video Festival, Special Merit, 1998 
    • 38th Annual International CINDY Competition, Silver CINDY, 1998 
    • National Educational Film and Video Festival, Gold Apple, 1998 
    • Birmingham International Education Film Festival, Best Health and Physical Education Video, 1998 
    • Athens International Film & Video Festival, Winner in Documentary, 1989 
    • London International Amateur Film Festival, Silver Seal Award, 1989


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