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This documentary looks at how climate change affects people’s daily lives and the groups fighting to change the systems that create it. We explore why climate change has become a lost issue among many youth of color living in New York City, when climate change will primarily affect the most vulnerable members of society. We also meet different groups and learn about tactics youth activists are using to change our future.

Finding Hope in a Lost Cause: A Climate Change Documentary

  • Film Info

    Year: 2020  

    Run time: 24:52

  • Film Festivals

    • CineTeen Film Festival, San Diego, CA, 2021
    • Miami 4 Social Change Youth Film Festival, Miami, July 2021
    • The American Youth Film Festival, Atlanta, GA, July-Aug 2021
    • ChangeFest Film Festival, Chicago, September - November 2021
    • All American HS Film Festival, NYC, October 2021


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