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Ines Morales


Program Manager, Youth Documentary Workshop and New Media Arts

Ines Morales is an EVC alum, she joined EVC while in high school. She had the opportunity to experience EVC as a student, a media instructor, board member and now a program manager for the Youth Documentary Workshop and New Media Arts program at EVC. What sparked her interest in EVC was her interest in social justice issues that affected black and brown people in her community. Her experience at EVC encouraged her to pursue a degree in filmmaking from City College of New York where she earned her BFA. Later she decided to combine her passion for social justice and filmmaking by pursuing a degree in social work concentrating on community organizing and development; she obtained her MSW from Hunter College. Prior to her current position at EVC she worked as a clinical director at a supportive housing facility for adults who were experiencing homelessness, substance use conditions, mental health conditions, and other medical conditions.

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